Proyecto de investigación sobre aplicación de TIC al almacenamiento geológico de CO2: Avanza CO2

Año 2013

UK Committee says decarbonising electricity will save money

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Consultative Communication CE: "The future of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in Europe"

On 27 March 2013, the European Commission launched a Consultative Communication on "The future of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in Europe", with the aim of initiating a debate on the options available to ensure its timely development. This is needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to enable fossil fuels to remain an integral part of the energy mix in the EU. 

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Año 2012

Need to move quickly on CCS

A sense of urgency served as a backdrop during the 7th annual ZEP General Assembly on 2 October; “European efforts have taken us to a point where our focus must be on getting large-scale CCS demonstration projects up and running in order to secure the future of this technology”, argued Bellona Europa’s Paal Frisvold.

BELLONA. 05.10.2012. More info HERE.

The Global Status of CCS: 2012

The annual status of CCS report provides a comprehensive overview of the development of CCS projects and technologies around the world—progress, challenges and recommendations—and of actions taken to assist the demonstration of those technologies at a large scale.

Global CCS Institute. 11.10.2012 More info HERE.

Julio-Septiembre 2012

Up to 25% of Europe's CO2 could be stored under the North Sea

The central North Sea boasts "geologically near-perfect" sites where the emissions could be stored, a report by Scottish Enterprise states.

By 2050 as much as 500 metric tonnes of CO2 - the equivalent of 25% of the EU's power and industrial emissions in 2007 - could be stored there.

Peterhead could become a key location for the shipment of captured CO2 from other parts of the UK and Europe, before the pollution is taken to storage sites in the sea.

BST. 17.09.2012. More info HERE.

CC.OO. subraya que la quema de carbón nacional es "cada vez más verde" y se puede complementar con la captura de CO2

Comisiones Obreras (CC.OO) ha subrayado que la combustión de carbón nacional es "cada vez más verde" y que se puede complementar con la captura y almacenamiento de CO2 para "evitar las emisiones" en la quema de este mineral en 2020.

EUROPA PRESS. 16.08.2012. Más información AQUÍ.

China world first carbon capture and storage in saline aquifer 

(CleanBiz Asia) - The first carbon capture and storage (CCS) project in China has sequestered 40,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, according to Shenhua Group Corporation, the country's leading coal energy company.

CleanBiz Asia. August 08, 2012. More info.

Shell and SSE's Offshore Carbon Storage Project Wins UK’s First Licence

Shell and SSE's carbon capture and storage (CCS) project has won the UK's first License for the permanent geological storage of carbon dioxide under the seabed. The agreement for lease (AfL) for the proposed Peterhead CCS Project has been signed with the Crown Estate which agreed to lease an area at the offshore depleted Golden eye gas field. The storage project aims to develop a post-combustion CCS facility which will be capable of capturing CO2 from the 385MW gas-fired Peterhead power plant.

July 20, 2012. More info HERE.

FutureGen Affirms CO2 Storage Site for Coal-fired Power Plant Project

The FutureGen Alliance on July 17 affirmed that Morgan County, Ill., will remain the preferred location for a carbon dioxide (CO2) storage site and that the Alliance will no longer maintain alternate sites in Christian and Douglas counties. The FutureGen Alliance said recent geologic testing and engineering studies have confirmed that the MorganCounty site is an excellent location for CO2 storage.

July 17, 2012. More info HERE.

El Carbón: una evaluación de la situación actual

(UPM) El carbón se integra en un sector energético afectado por numerosos intereses, algunos de ellos opuestos. Profesores de la Escuela de Minas de la UPM analizan la actual situación del sector.

13/JUL/2012. Más información AQUÍ.

CO2 Capture Project launches interactive educational tool

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German mediation committee agrees carbon capture law

(Reuters) - Germany's parliamentary mediation committee on Wednesday approved a compromise that would allow carbon capture and storage (CCS) in Germany on a test basis, Environment Minister Peter Altmaier said.

27/JUN/2012. More info

Biomass with CO2 CCS (bio-CCS)

ZEP & EBTP publish new report on Bio-CCS, the only large-scale technology that can remove CO2 from the atmosphere. 19/JUN/2012.

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Energy and Climate Change Secretary Edward Davey launched a new competition for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), a key technology in the Government’s drive to ensure our future energy security and reduce emissions. 03/ABR/2012.

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CCS Researh Centre launched in the UK. The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) have announced a £13 million investment to establish a UK CCS Research Centre. 10/ABR/2012.

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Ciuden's PISCO2 project commences. The research team working at the Fundación Ciudad de la Energía (CIUDEN) has extracted 50 cubic metres of upper layer soil from the site of the future CO2 storage pilot plant in Hontomín (Merindad del Río Ubierna, Burgos, Spain). 10/MAR/2012.

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China loans $238 mln to domestic firms to cut emissions

China last year loaned 1.5 billion yuan ($238 mln) to 31 domestic projects that plan to cut emissions as it seeks to decarbonise its economy - the world’s second largest, state media reported Wednesday. 15/FEB/2012.

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The CO2 Capture project (CCP) has made available finding from its recent CCS Stakeholder Issues Review and Analysis Report.

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Encuesta de la CE sobre flujos de comunicación en el contexto de la investigación energética europea.

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China’s Climate Minister Speaks in Support of Carbon Capture and Storage. 28/JUL/2011.
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